Lean Portfolio Management

  • Recognize how Continuous Exploration fuels innovation and helps you define a vision, strategy, and roadmap to tap into new markets.
  • Harnesses the power of Design Thinking to develop innovative solutions
  • Learn the right mindset, skills, and tools to create successful products— from inception to retirement
Lean Portfolio Management
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SAFe® Agile Product Management Training (SAFe® APM) Certification Training

  • Using Design Thinking to create valuable products in the Lean Enterprise
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Agile Product Management


Topics Covered

• Introducing Lean Portfolio Management
• Establishing Strategy and Investment
• Applying Agile Portfolio Operations
• Applying Lean Governance
• Implementing the LPM function

What you’ll learn

• Describe the importance of LPM
• Connect the portfolio to enterprise
• Implement Lean budgeting and
• Establish portfolio flow with the
Portfolio Kanban
• Support operational excellence with
APMO and CoPs
• Coordinate Value Streams
• Measure the LPM performance
• Build a plan for LPM implementation

This course is designed for leaders and
influencers who are responsible for the
Lean Portfolio Management function
Examples include:
• Executives and leaders (CIOs, CEOs,
CFOs, CTOs, and VPs)
• Enterprise architects
• Product managers and solution
• Business unit managers
• Program office personnel
• SPCs and enterprise Agile coaches
• Human resources
• RTEs
• Epic Owners

Class registration includes:
• Attendee workbook
• Course certificate of completion
• Preparation and eligibility to take the
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager (LPM)
6.0 certification exam (upon GA)
• One-year membership to SAFe Studio
(upon GA)
• One certification exam attempt
(upon GA)

All are welcome to attend the course,
regardless of experience. However, the
following recommendations will make
the training more productive:
• Familiarity with Agile concepts and
• Attended a Leading SAFe® or SAFe®
PO/PM course
• Experience working in a SAFe

FAQ Courses

A certified Lean Portfolio manager is one who plays a key role in the implementation of Lean governance and Agile portfolio management in an enterprise. A Lean Portfolio Manager is responsible for envisioning the Portfolio Vision, Lean Budgeting, Strategy, and Agile portfolio operations among other things.

There are no prerequisites to take the Lean Portfolio Management course but a few skills are recommended. Some of the recommended skills are-

 * Familiarity with Agile Principles

 * Experience Working in a SAFe environment.

 * Attended SAFe PO/PM or SAFe Course

Lean Portfolio Management is a proven technique for organizations in making their processes and systems optimally effective with enhanced productivity, happy employees, and interpersonal relationships. At an individual level, undergoing the course means adding value to become top LPM leaders in the industry.

The exam can be taken at any time after course completion. Taking the LPM certification examination within 30 days after completing the course costs free for the first attempt.

For the SAFe 4 and 5 Portfolio Manager examination, the time given is 120 minutes or 2 hours to complete the questions. For SAFe 5.0.1, the duration of the exam is 90 minutes. The exam is a multiple-choice format. It is a web-based exam. To access the exam, you need to access the SAFe community platform. The number of questions in SAFe 4 and 5 is 60 questions each, whereas, for SAFe 5.0.1, there are 45 questions.

If you take the exam within 30 days of attending the training course, the cost of the exam is included in the course fee. This is the first exam attempt. And, for every retake, after this, you need to pay about $50 per attempt.

First, enroll for the LPM course delivered by SPCs. Complete the course successfully and start the preparation of the LPM certification exam. Schedule the exam and appear for it. On Successfully clearing the exam with a minimum passing score, Scaled Agile will update your profile with the certificate valid for one year along with Scaled Agile membership.

The Lean Portfolio Management Certification is valid for 1 year which needs to be renewed after that.

The LPM certification needs to be renewed every year. The renewal cost is $295. Here are the instructions to be followed for LPM Certification renewal.

 * Use your Username to Login to SAFe Community Platform Account.

 * If you do not remember the password, click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password.

 * Click on “Renew Now” Button located close to the Certification. (At the top of the HomePage?

 * A Shopping Cart will pop on your window. Use it to renew your LPM Certification.

The Project Management Institute issues the Professional Development Units (PDUs) and the Scrum Alliance issues the Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) to the candidate after the completion of any certification course. They are given to recognize the participation of the professional and to authenticate the knowledge of the principles and practices of Scrum. To hold your certification from the Scrum Alliance, you should earn a particular SEUs every two years.

PDUs and SEUS recognize your dedication and devotion to Agile and Scrum society. They are given by the Scrum Alliance and Project management Institutes for all the successful ventures that you go through in your career. The Scrum Alliance expects you to earn certain SEUs to renew your certification every two years. The Project Management Institute offers PDUs on many certifications except CAPM certification and expects you to have a specific number of PDUs to renew your certification every three years.

FAQ Payment

Yes, the refund option is available for the course fee you made. To know more about refunds, visit our Refund Policy.

Upon successful completion of payment, you will receive a confirmation email of your payment.

We accept payment from VISA, Master, Maestro, AMEX and Discover

All types of payment methods are available. You can pay Online through Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking, Direct Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer/Wallet to our account and many more.

FAQ Generic

At Skilldots we provide training for courses of all the in-demand technologies. One can choose a course from Project Management, Agile, IT, DevOps, Business, IT Service Management, Quality Management, etc based on their choice of interest. To know more, please visit https://www.skilldots.com/

Yes, you can get a customized schedule at your convenience.

Select the course of your interest from the link below and view all the upcoming workshops.https://www.skilldots.com/

Yes, you can change the city and date at your convenience. Contact us to know more details.

In case, if you have missed a class you can get access to our class recordings. Otherwise, attend another training session of our upcoming batch.

Choose the course of your interest, opt for a schedule as per your convenience from our upcoming schedule list, and register for the training by submitting your details. Proceed to make a payment and you will receive a confirmation email of your course enrolment.

Yes, you will receive a certificate after successful completion of the training course.

We do provide different modes of training, Classroom training Online training Live Virtual training

Yes, online training is available on various courses. You have an option to choose the mode of training for your course.

Yes, we do provide corporate training. We customize training based on our client’s needs.

All our trainers are highly qualified and certified having numerous years of experience in the training industry.

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