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SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master Certification Training Course Overview

  • Advanced Scrum Master Skills: The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification course focuses on enhancing and building upon the foundational skills acquired in basic Scrum Master training, delving into more complex and nuanced aspects of Agile and Scrum practices in a SAFe® 6.0 environment.
  • Facilitation of Cross-Team Interactions: A key component of the SASM training includes learning how to facilitate interactions between multiple teams, contributing to successful Program Increment (PI) planning, and fostering an environment of collaboration and alignment across various teams within an Agile Release Train (ART).
  • Deep Dive into Agile and Lean Practices: The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master course provides an in-depth exploration of Agile and Lean methodologies, offering advanced knowledge and tools to optimize team efficiency, manage dependencies, and drive continuous improvement.
  • Handling Agile at Scale: Participants learn specific techniques and strategies for scaling Agile practices within larger organizations, including understanding the challenges and solutions unique to large-scale Agile implementation.
  • Leadership Skills Development: Emphasis is placed on developing leadership qualities essential for a SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master, including coaching Agile teams, resolving conflicts, and facilitating change to drive enterprise-wide success in Agile transformation.
Average 15%increase in salary for certified professionals
500K+Job openings across the globe
More than 1,000,000individuals acknowledged the benefits of scaling agile with SAFe.
Average 4xincrease in productivity in hybrid/remote workforce with SAFe

Key Features

Engage in hands-on exercises and simulations that mirror real-world challenges, ensuring practical application of the concepts learned.

Enhance your ability to coach and mentor teams and individuals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning within your organization.

Emphasize the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability in the ever-evolving Agile landscape.

The SASM certification training prepares you for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) certification exam, validating your expertise in this specialized SASM role.

Deepen your understanding of Scrum and Agile practices, focusing on the role of Scrum Master at a more advanced level within a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise.

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Course Curriculum

Training gives you an in-depth understanding of all the topics, so that you can easily and quickly pass both the Core 1 and 2 exams. You'll learn through a hands-on approach with practical learning delivered by industry experts.

Understanding the role of the Scrum Master at a more advanced level within the SAFe® 6.0 context, including the responsibilities and challenges that come with it.

A deeper dive into the core principles of SAFe® 6.0, focusing on how they apply specifically to the Scrum Master role in guiding and facilitating Agile teams.

Learning techniques and best practices for facilitating Agile practices and execution at scale, including how to effectively manage and optimize Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

Strategies for developing high-performing teams, including team dynamics, conflict resolution, coaching, and mentoring.

Mastering advanced facilitation techniques to lead Agile teams more effectively, including tools for decision-making and problem-solving.

Implementing Kanban and Extreme Programming (XP) practices to enhance team workflow and productivity.

Advanced skills in facilitating PI Planning, essential for aligning team and program objectives with organizational goals.

Methods for fostering a culture of continuous improvement within Agile teams and across the organization.

Understanding the complexities and challenges of scaling Scrum practices across multiple teams and adapting Agile practices in large-scale environments.

Techniques for identifying and resolving issues in Agile teams and ARTs.

Preparation for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) certification exam, including a review of key concepts and practice questions.

Skills Focused

  • Advanced Scrum Facilitation Techniques
  • Scaled Agile Framework Expertise
  • Effective Iteration and PI Planning
  • Leadership and Coaching Skills
  • Cross-Team Collaboration Strategies
  • Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Agile and Lean Principles Application
  • High-Performing Team Building

Who All Can Attend

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master course is suitable for a range of professionals, particularly those involved in Agile and SAFe® 6.0 implementations. The roles that can benefit from this course include:
  • Experienced Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • SAFe® 6.0 Program Consultants (SPCs)
  • Release Train Engineers (RTEs)
  • Team Coaches
  • Project Managers
  • Agile Team Facilitators
  • Change Agents
  • Development Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Software Developers and Testers (in leadership roles)
  • IT Managers


To attend the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification course, participants should ideally meet the following prerequisites:
  • It is recommended to hold an active SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master (SSM) certification but not mandatory, that demonstrates foundational knowledge and experience in the Scrum Master role within a SAFe® 6.0 environment.
  • Have experience working as a Scrum Master, ideally in a SAFe® 6.0 context, to understand the practical aspects of the role.
  • Possess a solid understanding of Agile and Lean principles and practices, as the course builds upon these foundational concepts.
  • Be willing to engage in advanced learning and actively participate in discussions and exercises to deepen understanding of the SAFe® 6.0 framework and the Scrum Master's role in it.
Career Path


Senior Scrum Master


Agile Coach


Release Train Engineer (RTE)


SAFe® 6.0 Program Consultant (SPC)


Agile Transformation Coach


Engage in Ongoing Education


Contribute to the Agile Community


Lean-Agile Leader


Independent Consultant


Before enrolling in the SASM course, it's recommended to have experience working as a Scrum Master and a foundational understanding of Agile and Scrum principles. Holding a SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) certification is often considered a prerequisite.

Find an authorized training provider like Skilldots and enroll in the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course. This SASM course is typically two days long and can be taken in-person or online.

Participate actively in the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course, which includes a combination of lectures, group discussions, and practical exercises. The SASM course covers advanced topics in Scrum Master practices, the role in a SAFe enterprise, facilitating Agile teams, and leading successful program execution.

After completing the SASM course, review the training materials, and prepare for the certification exam. Many candidates find it helpful to study additional resources provided by Scaled Agile or to review the SAFe framework guidelines available on the Scaled Agile website.

The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification exam is an online test that you can take from your location. The SASM exam format typically includes multiple-choice questions, and you'll have a specific time limit to complete it.

Upon passing the SASM exam, you will receive your SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification. This certification is valid for one year.

To keep your SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification active, you will need to renew it annually, which involves paying a renewal fee and meeting continuing education requirements set by Scaled Agile, Inc.

Why SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master Certification Training ?

Attending the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master training is a pivotal step for experienced Scrum Masters aiming to elevate their Agile leadership in a scaled environment. This training delves deeper into the complexities of facilitating and leading Agile teams within the broader scope of the Scaled Agile Framework. It equips you with advanced skills in conflict resolution, effective team dynamics, and program execution, vital for managing the nuanced challenges of large-scale Agile projects. This course not only sharpens your facilitation and coaching abilities but also prepares you to drive significant organizational change, making you an indispensable asset in any SAFe® 6.0-implementing enterprise.

Advanced Agile Skills: Deepen your understanding of Agile and Scrum practices, particularly in a scaled context, enhancing your ability to manage complex Agile projects effectively.

Enhanced Leadership Abilities: Develop advanced leadership skills crucial for guiding teams through the intricacies of Agile processes in large-scale organizations.

Improved Facilitation Techniques: Learn sophisticated techniques for facilitating team events and ART processes, crucial for the smooth functioning of teams in a SAFe® 6.0 environment.

Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving: Acquire skills in navigating and resolving conflicts, and become adept at solving complex problems that arise in large Agile projects.

Increased Career Opportunities: The advanced certification opens doors to higher-level roles within Agile and SAFe® 6.0 environments, such as Agile Coach, Release Train Engineer, or Agile Program Manager.

Professional Recognition: Earning the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification demonstrates a high level of commitment and expertise in Agile practices, enhancing your professional standing and credibility.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of SAFe® 6.0 professionals, expanding your professional network and opportunities for collaborative projects and knowledge exchange.

Better Agile Implementation: Gain insights into effectively implementing Agile practices at scale, leading to improved project outcomes and team performance.

Organizational Impact: Utilize your advanced skills to make a significant impact in your organization, driving successful Agile transformations and contributing to overall business agility.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability: Stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices in Agile methodologies, ensuring your skills remain relevant and adaptable in an ever-evolving industry.

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What clients say about us.

Rob Obertreis

I had the pleasure of attending the SAFe Advanced Srum Master facilitated by Krishna. Krishna was able to relate the course materials to real world experience relevant to my background - a true master...

EekoHub Ltd.

Managing Partner

Nickolas Wilcox

Great overall course, Feeling like I can take some new ways of thinking and some of my old habits to form a better version of myself as a Scrum Master or as a Agile Team member. I am confident going i...

The Wexford Group

Functional Group Lead

Nipun Malhotra

Interaction and session from Krishna was very intellectual along with pragmatic implementation steps. His knowledge across tools, industry experience, core concepts and variety of certifications make...

Agile Coach

Tata Consultancy Services

Brandon Darcy

I enjoyed taking the SASM course from you. You adapted your teaching and activities well for the virtual environment. Thanks for the great experience.

Western Digital

Software Engineering Manager

Kris Anderson

Hi Krish, Youre SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course was great. It met my expectations, taught me some new things, and cleared up a few others. Also, I really liked the videos and the discussion a...

LPL Financial

Sr Scrum Master

Thiripurasundari Asaithambi

The training was very good. Elaborate explanations on the topics and the answers provide to the questions were very clear and convincing with some real time explanations.


Solution Manager and Domain consultant

Miguel Chacon

Krishna's way to share his bast knowledge in the Scrum Mastery area, specifically for the SAFe 5 SASM course is really engaging. Very well prepared and organized content made the message to be clear...


Engineering Manager

Kimberly McNamara

Krishna’s deep knowledge and understanding of the Scrum Master role is evident. His training skills, verbal engagement, and annotation made this course an great experience. I highly recommend him as...

University of Connecticut

Technology Services Support Consultant

Sebastian Boenisch

I recommend the SCRUM Training of Krishna Malaiyan through the SAFe 5.0 website. He presented and explained the material very well and give hands-on practical examples of being a SCRUM Master in the f...


Software Engineer

Lee Patterson

I highly recommend Sendhil's class for the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master. Sendhil has an extensive background that influences his teaching. The course was packed with information and Sendhil worked with ...


IT Program Manager, RTE

Kimberly S. Bledsoe

I highly recommend Sendhil as a trainer. I attended his training for SAFe Advanced Scrum Master. He was patient, thorough, and engaging. He provided personal experiences as we walked through the mater...

IMC Companies

Business Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master course is an advanced-level training designed for existing Scrum Masters who wish to increase their effectiveness in a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise. It focuses on enhancing their skills in facilitating team and program success within a Scaled Agile Framework.

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification course is ideal for current SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Masters, team leaders, Agile Coaches, and others who play a role in facilitating Agile teams and wish to deepen their expertise in the SAFe® 6.0 environment.

Yes, to attend the SASM training, participants should ideally have prior SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification (SSM) and experience working as a Scrum Master. Familiarity with Agile concepts and experience in a SAFe® 6.0 environment are also beneficial.

The SASM certification course covers advanced topics including facilitating program execution, improving flow with Kanban and XP, building high-performing teams, and navigating the challenges of servant leadership in a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise.

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master course typically spans two days and can be offered in-person or virtually. It includes lectures, interactive group exercises, and practical scenarios

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification exam, administered by Scaled Agile, Inc., typically adheres to the following format:

Type of Questions: The exam primarily consists of multiple-choice questions. These can include both single-response and multiple-response options.

Number of Questions: The exam usually contains around 60 questions.

Duration: Candidates are generally given 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete the exam.

Delivery Method: The exam is conducted online and can be accessed through the SAFe® 6.0 Community Platform. It is a closed-book exam, meaning no outside resources are allowed during the test.

Passing Score: The required passing score for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master exam often ranges around 73% (44/60).

Language: The exam is primarily available in English.

Retake Policy: If a candidate does not pass the exam on the first attempt, Scaled Agile, Inc. typically allows for a retake according to their policy, which may include an additional fee after the first retake.

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master exam assesses a candidate's understanding and application of the skills and knowledge learned during the course, focusing on their ability to effectively perform the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe® 6.0 environment. Preparation for the exam involves a thorough review of the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master course materials, a solid understanding of SAFe® 6.0 principles, and familiarity with the application of these concepts in real-world scenarios.

The passing score for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification exam is usually around 73% and the candidate must attempt 44 answers correctly out of 60 questions according to Scaled Agile, Inc.

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) certification is valid for one year, after which it needs to be renewed, usually involving a renewal fee and meeting continuing education requirements.

The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification offers various benefits that include advanced knowledge and skills in facilitating SAFe® 6.0, enhanced leadership and coaching abilities, recognition as a certified professional, and improved career opportunities in Agile and SAFe® 6.0 environments.

Yes, we offer the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master course in a virtual format, allowing participants to complete the training remotely.

The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification cost vary based on the location and may include the training fee, course materials, and the exam fee.

he retake policy for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification exam, as set by Scaled Agile, Inc., is designed to offer candidates multiple opportunities to pass if they do not succeed on their first attempt. Generally, the retake policy includes:

First Retake (Second Attempt): If a candidate fails the exam on their first attempt, they can usually retake it immediately without any waiting period.

Subsequent Retakes: After failing a second attempt, candidates are generally required to wait a period of 30 days before each subsequent retake. This waiting period helps to ensure candidates have adequate time to study and prepare.

Retake Fees: The first retake may be included in the initial exam fee, but subsequent retakes usually require an additional fee per attempt which is $50.

Preparation: Between attempts, it is advisable for candidates to review the course materials thoroughly, identify areas of weakness, and possibly seek additional training or resources to improve their understanding.

Certification Validity: Once the candidate passes the exam and earns the certification, it is valid for one year and requires renewal, often involving a fee and the completion of professional development units.

This retake policy aims to balance the opportunity for candidates to improve their knowledge and pass the exam with the need to maintain the integrity and value of the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification.

Renewing the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) certification typically involves a few key steps as outlined by Scaled Agile, Inc. Here's the general process:

1. Before renewing your SASM certification, you're usually required to earn a certain number of professional development units (PDUs) or continuing education units (CEUs). These can be obtained through various professional activities like attending workshops, webinars, conferences, or completing relevant training courses.

2. There is an annual renewal fee for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification. The exact amount can vary, so it’s important to check the current fee on the Scaled Agile website or through your SAFe® 6.0 Community membership account.

3. Renewal is typically done online through the SAFe® 6.0 Community Platform. You’ll need to log into your account, complete any necessary steps to confirm your continuing education credits, and pay the renewal fee.

4. Ensure that your professional information and contact details are up to date in your SAFe® 6.0 Community account.

5. Your SASM certification is valid for one year from the date of certification or the last renewal. Scaled Agile, Inc. often sends out renewal reminders to help you keep track of your certification status.

6. Keeping your SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) certification active is important for ensuring that you remain recognized as a SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master. Failing to renew on time may result in your certification becoming inactive, requiring additional steps to reactivate.

The renewal fee for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) certification varies based on different factors. Click here to know more about the renewal fee details. Additionally, remember that maintaining your SASM certification often involves not only paying the renewal fee but also meeting the continuing education requirements set by Scaled Agile, Inc. This usually includes earning a specific number of professional development units (PDUs) or Scrum Education Units (SEUs) to demonstrate ongoing engagement and learning in the field.

Elevate your Agile leadership to new heights with our SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master Certification Course. This expertly designed SASM course is a gateway to mastering complex challenges in scaling Agile across large organizations. Embrace the opportunity to become a pivotal force in driving Agile transformations with the latest SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master Course.

Our SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master Certification training is tailored for current Scrum Masters, team leaders, and Agile Coaches. Dive deep into advanced concepts of facilitating team success, resolving impediments, and leading efficient Agile Release Trains (ARTs). The SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master training course is more than a certification; it's a career-defining move towards becoming an Agile leader.

Gear up to pass the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master exam with our comprehensive training program. The SAFe® 6.00 Advanced Scrum Master Certification validates your skills in navigating the complexities of enterprise-scale Agile projects. It's not just a credential; it's proof of your advanced understanding and capabilities in the SAFe® 6.0 framework.

Experience flexibility and convenience with our SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master training online. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills from the comfort of your home or office, our SASM online training option provides the perfect solution without compromising on the quality of learning.

The SASM Certification Course is designed for those who aim to excel in complex Agile environments. This SASM Course goes beyond the basics, focusing on strategic facilitation and relentless improvement. Our SASM Certification training ensures you are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to lead successful Agile teams in any dynamic environment.

In our SASM training course, engage with seasoned instructors and participate in interactive learning sessions. Prepare for the SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master exam with confidence, and join an elite group of professionals who are shaping the future of Agile in large enterprises.

Obtain your SASM Certification and become a leader in Agile practices. For those seeking flexibility, our SASM training online offers an immersive learning experience that fits your schedule.

Enroll in our SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master Certification Course today and take a significant step in your professional journey. Become the change agent who drives Agile transformation in your organization!