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SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Course Overview

  • Introduction to SAFe® 6.0 Framework: The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master training begins with an overview of the Scaled Agile Framework, focusing on its principles, practices, and underlying Lean-Agile mindset, crucial for understanding the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe® 6.0 environment.
  • Role of the Scrum Master: Deep dive into the responsibilities and functions of a Scrum Master within a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise, including facilitation of team events, support of program execution, and effective collaboration with other roles in the Agile Release Train (ART).
  • Agile and Scrum Fundamentals: Reinforces core Agile and Scrum principles, emphasizing their application in large-scale development environments, and explores how Scrum Masters contribute to the creation of high-performing Agile teams.
  • PI Planning and ART Execution: Teaches participants about Program Increment (PI) planning, a key component of the SAFe® 6.0 framework, and how Scrum Masters play a vital role in its preparation and execution to align teams to a shared mission and vision.
  • Leadership Skills Development: Focuses on developing servant leadership skills essential for facilitating Agile team empowerment, fostering relentless improvement, and driving effective Agile and Lean processes in a complex SAFe® 6.0 enterprise.
Average 20%increase in salary for certified professionals
1M+Job openings across the globe
More than 1,000,000individuals acknowledged the benefits of scaling agile with SAFe.
Average 4xincrease in productivity in hybrid/remote workforce with SAFe

Key Features

Gain comprehensive knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework, including its principles, practices, and the Lean-Agile mindset essential for a SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master.

Learn from certified SAFe® 6.0 professionals with extensive experience in Agile transformations and implementing SAFe® 6.0 in various organizations.

Engage in real-world scenarios and simulations to practice and reinforce SAFe® 6.0 implementation strategies, ensuring practical application of the concepts learned.

Prepare for the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master (SSM) certification exam with comprehensive training materials, practice exams, and exam tips.

Participate in an interactive and collaborative learning environment that encourages the sharing of experiences and best practices among participants.

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Course Curriculum

Training gives you an in-depth understanding of all the topics, so that you can easily and quickly pass both the Core 1 and 2 exams. You'll learn through a hands-on approach with practical learning delivered by industry experts.

  • Understanding the principles and practices of SAFe® 6.0
  • Learning the Lean-Agile mindset

  • Exploring the role of the Scrum Master in a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise
  • Differences between traditional Scrum Master and SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master

  • Preparing for PI planning and understanding its significance
  • Facilitating PI planning and effective iteration execution

  • Conducting effective Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives
  • Techniques for facilitating team and program-level meetings

  • Techniques for building and fostering high-performing Agile teams
  • Addressing Agile and Scrum anti-patterns in teams

  • Managing iteration planning and execution
  • Tracking and reporting iteration progress

  • Working within the context of Agile Release Trains (ARTs)
  • Collaborating with other teams and roles for successful program execution

  • Facilitating continuous improvement processes
  • Problem-solving techniques within a Lean-Agile environment

  • Coaching and mentoring techniques for Agile teams
  • Role of the Scrum Master as a coach at the team and program level

  • Review of SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master exam objectives and format
  • Sample questions and preparation tips
Skills Focused

  • Effective Scrum Mastering Techniques
  • Scaled Agile Framework Application
  • Agile Team Facilitation
  • Program Increment Planning Skills
  • Lean-Agile Leadership Development
  • Continuous Improvement Strategies
  • Cross-Team Collaboration Tactics
  • SAFe® 6.0 Principles and Practices
  • Agile Coaching and Mentoring

Who All Can Attend

The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification course is suitable for a variety of roles, particularly those who will be involved in Agile and SAFe® 6.0 implementations within their organizations. The roles include:
  • Scrum Masters
  • Team Leads
  • Project Managers
  • Agile Coaches
  • SAFe® 6.0 Program Consultants (SPCs)
  • Release Train Engineers (RTEs)
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Development Team Members (Developers, Testers, etc.)
  • IT Managers
  • Process Leads and Facilitators
  • Change Agents
  • Other Agile Practitioners


To attend the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master training course, participants should ideally have:
  • Familiarity with Agile concepts and the Scrum framework, either through previous training or practical experience.
  • While not mandatory, experience in software development, testing, project management, or a similar field is beneficial.
  • An open mindset and readiness to actively participate in a collaborative, intensive learning environment of SAFe® 6.0 and Agile
Career Path


Agile Team Member


Scrum Master for SAFe® 6.0 Teams


Senior Scrum Master/Agile Coach


Release Train Engineer (RTE)


SAFe® 6.0 Program Consultant (SPC)


Agile Transformation Coach


Lean-Agile Leader


Portfolio Manager/Agile Director


Before enrolling in the SAFe Scrum Master course, it's beneficial to have a basic understanding of Agile, Scrum, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This foundational knowledge will help you grasp the SASM course content more effectively.

Find a certified SAFe training provider like Skilldots and enroll in the SAFe Scrum Master course. This SSM course is usually a two-day training program led by SAFe-certified instructors.

Participate in the SAFe Scrum Master course, which typically includes lectures, discussions, and practical exercises. Active participation is key, as the course is designed to be interactive to enhance learning.

Ensure you meet all the SSM course requirements, which may include attending all sessions and participating in group activities.

After completing the SSM training, you will receive access to the SAFe Scrum Master exam. This is an online test that you can take at a time of your choosing within a specified period after course completion.

The SAFe Scrum Master exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions and must be completed within a set time limit. You'll need to achieve the required passing score, which is usually around 73%.

Upon passing the SAFe Scrum Master exam, you'll receive the SAFe Scrum Master certification. This SSM certification is recognized globally and indicates your ability to perform the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe environment.

o keep your SAFe Scrum Master certification valid, you need to renew it annually. This usually involves paying a renewal fee and may require earning continuing education units.

Why SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master (SSM) ?

Attending the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification training is a crucial step for those looking to elevate their Agile and Scrum expertise within the context of the Scaled Agile Framework. This SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master course offers in-depth insights into how to effectively facilitate and support Agile teams in a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise, broadening your understanding of Agile principles at scale. It equips you with the necessary skills to serve as a Scrum Master, fostering a Lean-Agile culture, enhancing team collaboration, and ensuring smooth execution of Agile Release Trains. This SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master (SSM) certification opens doors to advanced career opportunities, making you an invaluable asset in any organization undergoing a Lean-Agile transformation.

  • Advanced Agile Mastery: Deepen your understanding of Agile and Scrum practices, particularly in the context of large-scale enterprises using the SAFe® 6.0 framework.
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Develop key skills in servant leadership which are essential for guiding Agile teams and facilitating effective Scrum practices.
  • Increased Job Opportunities: With the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification, you become a desirable candidate for organizations implementing SAFe® 6.0, opening doors to a wider range of job opportunities.
  • Improved Team Performance: Learn techniques to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Agile teams, contributing to the overall success of projects.
  • Professional Growth: Gain recognition as a certified SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master, showcasing your commitment to continuous professional development and expertise in your field.
  • Network Expansion: Connect with a community of SAFe® 6.0 professionals, expanding your professional network and opportunities for knowledge exchange.
  • Confidence in Scaling Agile: Acquire the confidence and competence to scale Agile practices in large organizations, positioning you to lead and manage complex Agile transformations.
  • Broader Understanding of SAFe® 6.0: Gain comprehensive knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework, enabling you to effectively align team operations with organizational goals.
  • Versatility in Agile Roles: Enhance your versatility in various Agile roles, making you adaptable and valuable in different team dynamics and project environments.
  • Effective Problem-Solving Skills: Develop skills to navigate and solve complex challenges in Agile projects, enhancing your capability to drive successful outcomes.

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Kathy Kaulius

Just finished SAFe Scrum Master training with Krishna, and it was a really good experience. I definitely recommend him as a trainer for any of your SAFe/Agile needs! I'll be looking at additional trai...

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Release Train Engineer

Sumit Pandey

I got an opportunity to enhance my Scrum Master skills with Krishna, he guided and helped me to understand about SAFe Advanced Scrum master. His trainings are very interactive and full of fun. He make...


Scrum Master

Ted Kelly

I had the recent pleasure of attending a 2 day SAFe Scrum Master course led by Krishna. The entire class was remote, but despite that challenge, Krishna did a wonderful job of keeping our group engage...


Senior Product Manager eCommerce

Genevieve van der Togt

I recently attended a SAFe Scrum Master course by Krishna and it was run professionally and a steady pace. He has a good understanding of being aware of the levels of the participants and switches up ...

Breakdown Services

Product Manager

Jeff Boggis

Krishna did an outstanding job as my trainer for the SAFe Scrum Master certification course. Examples: He is very organized and fully prepared for training delivery. He has the ability to remain f...

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Senior Manager, Salesforce Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Ravi Patil

Attended two day course on Scrum Master. It was great training by Krishna. He has in depth knowledge on entire agile process. It was nice to be part of his SSM training and hope to see again either fo...

Cognex Corporation

IT Business Process Lead

Anil Ambat

I participated in the SAFe 5.0 Scrum Master certification with Krishna. He has very sound knowledge of SAFe and he explained the course very well and encouraged discussion with real-time examples. Hig...


Senior Scrum Master

Benjamin Sturman

I participated in the SAFe 5.0 Scrum Master certification with Krishna. He was a very patient and attentive teacher. Very knowledgeable and due to his past experience is able to provide some real life...


Scrum Master

David Hogge

I was able to attend SAFe Scrum Master training with Krishna. It was very well presented and provided the context needed to pull together many of the details to processes I had been seeing and using. ...

Software Technology Group

PMO Manager, Sr. Project Manager

Syed Ahmad

Krishna provided a detailed, engaging, and interactive SAFe Scrum Master course. His insights and real world examples helped me understand how to apply SAFe principles in an enterprise. His coaching w...


Senior Scrum Master

Chris Fagarasan

Krishna is an expert instructor; he shared his knowledge and answered all my questions, even if they were not part of the training agenda. The course was very interactive; he is very professional, and...


VP of Growth Product


Excellent trainer - I participated in his SAFE Scrum Master class and he provided clear direction and great information that has been useful for me.


Assistant Vice President

Bruce Canny

Thank you Sendhil for the excellent training in SAFe that you provided. Your wealth of experience and knowledge is incredible. Your completness in training is comendable. No shortcuts. Great teacher. ...

Willow Bark Brands

Scrum Master

Erica K. Schaal

I thoroughly enjoyed attending Krishna’s SAFe Scrum Master training. He is well-versed in the material, presents the information in a way that can be easily understood, and has a lot of real-life expe...

VCA Animal Hospitals

Vet Tech Assistant

Mariana Lisbeth Perez P

Excellent explaining and training for SAFE-Scrum Master, thanks Krishna


Program Manager Latam

Joseph Milner

The SAFe Scrum Master course was excellent. Krishna was very knowledgeable and helpful. In addition, the course materials, videos, power point presentations, and group exercises made learning the mate...


Scrum Master/BA/QA

Rob Dolan

I attended the SAFe Scrum Master training hosted by Krishna and was very satisfied with his presentation of these valuable concepts during the 2 days. He is very thorough and uses examples from his ex...

Agile Solutions ApS

Agile Project Manager

Sherman Klassen

Krishna led a virtual two day SAFe Scrum Master class that I participated in. Krishna provided a great experience in what is often a challenging environment, remote learning. His pacing was easy to fo...

Walt Disney World

Senior Business Analyst

Patrick Chase

Krishna was my teacher for the SAFe Scrum Master certification class. He provided an engaging and informative experience throughout the duration of the course. It was very clear he has ample experienc...

Clarendon Partners, LLC

Human Resources Coordinator

Lesley (McClellan) Judkins

I highly recommend Krishna for the SAFe Scrum Master course; for two day he was very knowledgeable, went at a great pace and answered all of my questions. There is a lot of detail to cover and he made...

Wells Fargo

Vice President PMM

Cathlene Wood

I highly recommend Krishna's excellent class on SAFe scrum Master 5.0. His teaching style is very comprehensive with detailed examples and illustrations. Krishna is a well informed and experienced Agi...


Project Manager

Steve Miller

I really enjoyed this course. I have agile and scrum master background and still learned useful tips, tools and processes to help me with the position of scrum master. Krishna was very helpful with ex...


Business Analyst / Scrum Master

Chelsea Neeler

Fantastic instructor! Took a class to be a SAFe Scrum Master with Krishna, and he was extremely well prepared. The class was engaging, there was plenty of time for questions and the study materials we...

Alaska Airlines

Senior Scrum Master

Mehdi Abu

It was a pleasure having attended Mr. Krishna's SAFe SM 5.0 training. He is knowledgeable in this subject and has good instructor presentation skills. Throughout the training, he was very active and g...

Wells Fargo

Senior Assistant Vice President

David Ryan

Krishna did a great job of presenting SAFe Scrum Master material. Learned quite a bit and can't wait to utilize the skills he provided. I was impressed with his knowledge of the topic as well as his a...

Brite Systems

Director of Customer Success

Ian Munger

Krishna was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in his training for SAFe Scrum Master and I learned quite a lot in his course.

Umpqua Bank - VanderHouwen

Scrum Master

Esin Altin

Krishna was my instructor for SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) training. He is remarkably experienced and qualified in agile. His enjoyable teaching style made SAFe easy to understand. Thanks to him I feel way...


Starboard Agile Consulting

Doug Floyd

Krishna was a great class instructor for SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) training. Krishna has an extensive knowledge of SAFe best practices, tips/tricks, and guidelines for successful implementation of large...


Head of Commerce Platform Engineering

Ameet Sandugade

Sendhil was my coach/ guide for SAFe SSM Certification. There are certain qualities/ aspects of Sendhil which make him the best -> extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject, compassio...

Primoris Systems LLC

Salesforce Administrator/ Business Analyst


Excellent trainer - I participated in his SAFE Scrum Master class and he provided clear direction and great information that has been useful for me.


Assistant Vice President

Christopher Caraway

Sendhil's superior knowledge and teaching techniques were instrumental to me passing my Scrum Master certification. For everyone considering taking the SAFe 5 Scrum Master course, I highly recommend y...


Technical Project Manager

Patrick Leonard

Sendhil is an excellent trainer for the SAFe Scrum Master course. Coming into the training with a working background in SAFe, Sendhil was able to discuss a wide array of topics, from fundamental level...


Senior Manager, Credit and Risk Operations

Deepthi N

I highly recommend Krishna. He is very knowledgeable and detailed about the process with real time examples. He is awesome at explaination and interacting with all in the class. One of the best clas...


Scrum Master

Frequently Asked Questions

The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification course is a training program designed to teach the principles and practices of the Scrum Master role within the context of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe® 6.0). It focuses on preparing participants to effectively facilitate team and program-level events in a SAFe® 6.0 environment.

This SSM certification course is ideal for current Scrum Masters, team leaders, project managers, and anyone who wishes to pursue a career as a Scrum Master in a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise. It's also beneficial for team members involved in Agile transformations.

While there are no strict prerequisites, having a basic understanding of Agile principles and experience working with Scrum teams can be beneficial.

Key topics include the role of the Scrum Master, understanding the SAFe® 6.0 principles, facilitating Agile events, supporting effective Iteration execution, and contributing to Program Increment (PI) planning.

The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master course typically spans two days and can be offered in-person or virtually. It includes lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification exam, administered by Scaled Agile, Inc., typically follows a specific format designed to evaluate a candidate's understanding of Scrum Master roles and responsibilities within the Scaled Agile Framework. The exam format usually includes the following elements:

  • Type of Questions: The exam consists predominantly of multiple-choice questions. These can include both single-response and multiple-response options.
  • Number of Questions: The exam typically contains around 45 questions.
  • Duration: Candidates are usually given 90 minutes (1.5 hours) to complete the exam.
  • Delivery Method: The exam is conducted online and can be accessed through the SAFe® 6.0 Community Platform. It is a closed book exam, meaning no outside resources are allowed during the test.
  • Passing Score: The required passing score for the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master exam is 73%. 
  • Language: The exam is primarily available in English.
  • Retake Policy: If a candidate does not pass the exam on the first attempt, Scaled Agile, Inc. typically allows for a retake according to their policy, which may include an additional fee after the first retake.

The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master exam assesses a candidate's proficiency in understanding the roles and functions of a Scrum Master in a SAFe® 6.0 environment, including their ability to facilitate Agile team events, support successful program execution, and contribute to the relentless improvement of the Agile Release Train (ART). Preparation for the exam involves a thorough review of the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master course materials, a solid understanding of SAFe® 6.0 principles, and familiarity with the application of these concepts in real-world scenarios.

The passing score for the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification exam being set at around 73% implies that candidates must correctly answer approximately 73% of the total questions on the exam to achieve certification. This benchmark is established by Scaled Agile, Inc., the governing body for SAFe® 6.0 certifications

The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification is valid for one year. To maintain the certification, you must renew it annually, which involves a renewal fee and meeting the continuing education requirements.

Benefits include recognition as a certified SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master, improved skills and knowledge for facilitating SAFe® 6.0 events, enhanced career opportunities, and the ability to contribute effectively to SAFe® 6.0 implementations.

Yes, Skilldots offers the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master course in a virtual format as well, allowing participants to complete the training remotely.

The cost varies by location and may include the training fee, course materials, and the exam fee.

The retake policy for the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Certification Exam, administered by Scaled Agile, Inc., is designed to provide candidates with additional opportunities to pass if they do not succeed on their first attempt. Typically, the retake policy includes:

  • First Retake (Second Attempt): If a candidate fails the exam on their first attempt, they can usually retake the exam immediately.
  • Second Retake (Third Attempt): If a candidate fails the exam on their second attempt, they can usually retake the exam with a waiting period of 10 days.
  • Subsequent Retakes: After failing a second retake, candidates are generally required to wait the period of 30 days before each subsequent retake. This waiting period helps to ensure candidates have adequate time to study and prepare.
  • Retake Fees: The first retake is often included in the initial exam fee, but subsequent retakes usually require an additional fee per attempt.
  • Preparation: Between attempts, it is advisable for candidates to review the course materials thoroughly, identify areas of weakness, and possibly seek additional training or resources to improve their understanding.
  • Certification Validity: Once the candidate passes the exam and earns the certification, it is valid for one year and requires renewal, often involving a fee and the completion of professional development units.

This retake policy aims to balance the opportunity for candidates to improve their knowledge and pass the exam with the need to maintain the integrity and value of the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master certification.

The renewal fee for the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Certification is $100 annually as per the Scaled Agile, Inc.

Additionally, to renew the certification, certified individuals are typically required to earn a specific number of professional development units (PDUs) or Scrum Education Units (SEUs) to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to learning and professional growth in Agile and SAFe® 6.0 practices.

Embark on a transformative journey with our SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Certification Course, a comprehensive program designed to elevate your Agile leadership skills and understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe® 6.0). This SSM course is an essential pathway for professionals looking to excel in Agile environments, particularly those within organizations implementing SAFe® 6.0.

Our SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Course delves deep into the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master in a SAFe® 6.0 enterprise. It's more than just a certification training; it's a blueprint for mastering Agile project management and team facilitation at scale.

The SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Certification training is meticulously crafted to provide you with practical skills and theoretical knowledge. You'll learn how to effectively facilitate team and program-level events, support successful Agile transformations, and guide teams in the relentless pursuit of improvement.

In our SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master training course, you’ll engage with experienced instructors and participate in interactive sessions that mirror real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures you’re not just prepared for the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Certification exam but also equipped to apply these principles and practices in your daily work.

Upon completion of the SSM course, you’ll be ready to tackle the SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Certification exam with confidence. Passing this SSM exam is a milestone, earning you the prestigious SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Certification, a testament to your expertise and commitment to Agile excellence.

For those who prefer the flexibility of remote learning, our SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master training online offers the perfect solution. Experience the same quality instruction and engaging curriculum from anywhere in the world.

The SSM Certification Course (SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master), often abbreviated as SSM, is tailored to provide insights into how to align Agile teams with business objectives effectively. This SSM Course is your roadmap to becoming a key player in your organization's Agile journey.

Our SSM Certification training and SSM training course are designed to guide you through the complexities of working in a SAFe® 6.0 environment. Prepare for the SSM Certification exam with comprehensive training materials, practice exams, and exam tips.

Achieving the SSM Certification validates your ability to apply your learning in real-world scenarios, marking a significant milestone in your professional development. And for those looking for convenience, our SSM certification online offers a flexible yet equally comprehensive training experience.

Join our SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master training and SSM certification training to become part of an elite group of professionals who are shaping the future of Agile in large enterprises. Enroll now and transform your approach to project management and team leadership in the Agile world!