• Continuously encourage and categorize new ideas from various sources for improved focus and budget allocation.
  • Solution Conceptualization: Progress to the blueprint of the solution after an in-depth initial study.
  • Value Evaluation: Map the nominated solution with relevant business values for the specified use case.
  • Implement shortlisted cases iteratively using the Scrum-Iterative delivery model.
  • Skilldots, with a dynamic leadership team, drives Lean-Agile transformation, connecting change to measurable business outcomes.
  • Prioritization: Shortlist business cases based on market trends, long-term vision, competitive advantage, and tangible return on investments.
  • Systematically address organizational pain points through governance centered on achievements.
  • Adapt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for quantifiable business success, emphasizing innovation and value.
  • Proven track record of tailoring SAFe for optimal business outcomes for numerous corporate clients.
  • With Skilldots, experience a transformation journey infused with expertise and a rich reservoir of Agile wisdom, ensuring unparalleled value throughout the process.

Skilldots excels as the preferred choice for your Agile Transformation initiatives, boasting substantial expertise in ScrumStudy / SAFe Training and Certification courses. With a track record of training over a hundreds of industry champions, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. For any inquiries or clarifications, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] via email.

  • Gaining buy-in is no easy feat, especially when it comes to Leaders who might be hesitant to invest in the process. Understanding their reservations is key—Leaders may doubt the swift or substantial returns on investment. However, it's essential to sway Leadership by articulating the benefits of the transition from Adoc Agile or Waterfall approaches and how it can yield quick and tangible advantages
  • Instill a Lean-Agile Mindset: Leadership plays a crucial role in fostering a mindset shift across the organization. Effectively communicate and create awareness among stakeholders about embracing the four pillars: "Respect for the People and Culture," “Transparency & Efficient Flow," "Time and Space for Innovation," and "Relentless Improvement." This approach is instrumental in aligning everyone towards the shared values and goals of the organization.
  • Select the Right Train: In collaboration with Leadership and Executive Teams, it is imperative to pinpoint the Line of Business and Value Stream. Opt for a Train that demonstrates comparatively lower complexity, as it is recommended for a smoother transition. Following the selection, delve into the intricacies, comprehensively understanding all nuances, and meticulously devise a detailed plan of action.
  • Initiate the Train Launch: Transforming the defined Product/Solution/Service into a practical solution or software requires seamless coordination and communication across numerous Agile Teams to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Coaching Role: The Agile Change Agent, in this context, plays a pivotal role in supporting Agile Team(s). This involves aiding teams in overcoming existing learning barriers and equipping them to successfully achieve their intended goals and objectives.
  • Sustainability Acceleration Program: The Sustainability Accelerator stands as a substantial program strategically designed to expedite and broaden the transition towards a sustainable and inclusive future

Pilot Agile

ProblemWe aim to initiate an Agile trial to assess its viability for our organization, seeking to demonstrate its success and secure the necessary buy-in for broader adoption
Our Offering
  • Pilot Assessment & Roadmap
  • Coaching to Change Agent
  • Pilot Agile Package
  • Team Coaching

Scaling Agile

ProblemChallenge Overview: The imperative at hand is to extend Agile practices across numerous teams and expansive programs, strategically tackling substantial challenges. Concurrently, our focus is on establishing a robust framework for diligently tracking enterprise capacity
Our Offering
  • As-Is Assessment
  • Propose Scaling Strategy and Roadmap
  • Scaling Agile to Programs / Product Lines
  • Enterprise Stable - Lean Agile Portfolio Management

Enterprise Transformation

ProblemOur strategic objective is to integrate Agile principles at the enterprise and portfolio levels. This entails a comprehensive transformation of our organizational culture, encompassing changes in hiring practices, reward systems, budgeting approaches, and capacity/value measurement. Leveraging Agile methodologies is crucial to achieving enhanced business agility
Our Offering
  • Enterprise Transformation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Enterprise Transformation Enablement Package
  • Transformation Coaching to Leaders / Executives
  • Stakeholder Education (HR, Finance, Audit/Legal, Facilities)

Leadership Transformation

ProblemWe want our leadership team to shift away from the traditional directive management style to more collaborative Servant Leadership style so that we can enable high performing teams
Our Offering
  • Coach Effective Facilitation & Collaboration Skills
  • Servant Leadership Techniques for Leaders
  • Becoming a High Performing Team (Vision or Re-Visioning)
  • Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Team Transformation

ProblemWe want to learn how to execute and lead our own transformation internally with fellow Agile Team Members. We know that engaging our internal change agents will be more cost-effective and provide lasting sustainable success.
Our Offering
  • Lean and Agile Mindset Creation
  • Exemplify the Core Values and Principles
  • Create Trust and Build Psychological safety factors
  • Retrospect & Groom the Team
  • Persuade the Sustainability

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