Infact, Coaching exposes you to your values and beliefs, encourages you to examine your inner self, and exposes surprising breakthrough ideas and outcomes. To progress their professions and improve their personal lives, managers, professionals, and business and organizational leaders use coaches. But what is coaching in reality? According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching is a collaborative, creative process that encourages one to realize their full potential on both a personal and professional level. Coaching often reveals previously undiscovered sources of creativity, productivity, and leadership. Coaching is distinct from mentorship and counselling. A mentor offers counsel based on their own experiences, knowledge, and subject-matter competence. Therapy focuses on addressing issues that affect a person’s emotional well-being and psychological functioning, usually with the aim of healing pain, trauma, dysfunction, or conflict of some type. Coaching, in contrast, focuses on assisting people or groups in using their own experiences and talents to define and accomplish their own goals. Although you are the authority in your life path, the coach is the expert in the coaching process.

Who can go for it?

  • Individuals at the executive and professional levels who are interested in developing their talents to the next level and embedding them into their daily work and personal lives.
  • People who wish to use coaching to grow their businesses or their careers in the start-up stage
  • Managers that are looking to improve their coaching skills and contribute more to their company

What you benefit?

  • Enhance your self-confidence so you can provide coaching in a variety of settings.
  • Hone your ability to both listen and ask questions.
  • Find your own leadership style.
  • Learn the most important coaching skills and use them in your work.

Skilldots along with their partners offers you ICF Coach Certification Program is globally recognized. Leaders may strengthen their coaching abilities via ICF-accredited programmes that they can utilize in both their professional and personal lives. The effective curriculum, which is widely renowned for producing highly competent coaches, is pertinent in the VUCA (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity & Ambiguity) environment of today. The participant is eligible to pursue the ICF – Professional Certified Coach Program after completing the ICF – Associate Certification Coach Program.

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