Agile Transformation

If you have ever attempted to solve unanticipated business problems, you understand how difficult it can be to build from zero. And even then, you are uncertain as to whether your efforts will be a waste of time and money. Getting somebody by your side who has previously resolved these business issues would be of great assistance. This is the reason why businesses hire an Agile Transformation Consultant in the first place.

Skilldots’ focus to enable our customers to go from “Qualified Ideas” to “Generation of Values” in shortest sustainable market, by ensuring the Solution(s) should  underwent the process of “Desirability”, “Feasibility”, “Viability” and “Sustainability” to align with Business Agility of the Customer Organization.

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Qualified Ideas: Encourage and foster new ideas continuously from all available sources, then categorically classify those ideas into several buckets or vistas for improved focus and budget channelization.

Solution Conceptualization: After completing an initial study and gaining a firm understanding of the maturity of ideas, now slightly getting into next level of transformation called blueprint of solution

Value Evaluation: For the specified use case, the nominated Solution, should be properly mapped with appropriate Business Values.

Prioritization: Shortlist the Business case based on the current market trend, visionary focus (from long term perspective), competitive advantage and last but not the least tangible Return on Investments. The Shortlisted Business case will be taken for implementation iteratively using the Scrum-Iterative delivery model.

Our Skilldots infuses the Lean Agile transformation path with a dynamic leadership team able to bring a dramatic change towards the success. Connect the change to actual business outcomes and systematically replace cumbersome organizational pain points with governance centered on measurable achievements.

Skilldots normally adapt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to provide quantifiable business outcomes. Focusing on value and innovation will help your firm adapt and succeed. Our team of specialists has assisted hundreds of corporate customers in customizing the Scaled Agile Framework to produce the ideal business outcomes they want.

Skilldots uses 6 stage process for easy and efficient way of Agile Transformation, they are as follows
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  • Getting Leadership Buy-in: Obtaining buy-in is not a simple undertaking; it is quite difficult to get buy-in from the Leaders. Have you ever questioned why Leaders are so hesitant to invest in the process? They may believe that investing in process would not provide a return on investment soon or at all. Despite this, you should persuade the Leadership by describing the process and how these transitions (from Adoc Agile or Waterfall approach) may provide benefits in the quickest time possible.
  • Create Lean Agile Mindset: Leadership should communicate/ present / create awareness to entire stakeholders in the organization should follows and adapt four pillar, they are “Respect for the People and Culture”, “Efficient Flow”, “Time and Space for Innovation” and “Relentless Improvement” in order to achieve the Values / Goal
  • Choose appropriate Train: Along with Leadership / Executive Teams, we need to identify the Line of Business and Value Stream, choose one Train which is comparatively less complex (recommended). After selection, dive deep into the detail  and understand all nuances and prepare the detailed plan of action. 
  • Launch the Train: The defined Product/Solution/Service must be transformed into a practical solution or software through effective and efficient coordination and communication with many Agile Teams.
  • Coach: In this context, this role (Agile Change Agent) will support the Agile Team(s) in overcoming their existing learning and equipping them to achieve their intended goal/objectives.
  • Sustainability Accelerate: The Sustainability Accelerator is a significant programme designed to accelerate and expand the transition to a sustainable and inclusive future.
Skilldots is a superior option for your Agile Transformation initiatives, since they also have considerable expertise with SAFe Training and Certification courses. They trained over a thousand industry champions, and the number continues to rise. Send an email to if you have any questions or require clarification.

Pilot Agile


We want to ‘Try Agile’ to see if it will work for us, so we can prove success and get buy-in for adoption.

Our Offering

  • Pilot Assessment & Roadmap
  • Coaching to Change Agent
  • Pilot Agile Package
  • Team Coaching

Scaling Agile


We want to Scale Agile to multiple teams and large programs so we can solve our large challenges and lay the foundation for tracking enterprise capacity.

Our Offering

  • As-Is Assessment, 
  • Propose Scaling Strategy and Roadmap
  • Scaling Agile to Programs / Product Lines
  • Enterprise Stable - Lean Agile Portfolio Management

Enterprise Transformation


We want to take Agile principles to the enterprise and portfolio level. We want to change our culture including how we hire, reward, budget and measure capacity/value. We want to leverage Agile to achieve business agility.

Our Offering

  • Enterprise Transformation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Enterprise Transformation Enablement Package
  • Transformation Coaching to Leaders / Executives
  • Stakeholder Education (HR, Finance, Audit/Legal, Facilities)

Leadership Transformation


We want our leadership team to shift away from the traditional directive management style to more collaborative Servant Leadership style so that we can enable high performing teams

Our Offering

  • Coach Effective Facilitation & Collaboration Skills
  • Servant Leadership Techniques for Leaders 
  • Becoming a High Performing Team (Vision or Re-Visioning)
  • Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Team Transformation


We want to learn how to execute and lead our own transformation internally with fellow Agile Team Members. We know that engaging our internal change agents will be more cost effective and provide lasting sustainable success.

Our Offering

  • Lean and Agile Mindset Creation
  • Exemplify the Core Values and Principles
  • Create Trust and Build Psychological safety factors
  • Retrospect & Groom the Team 
  • Persuade the Sustainability

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