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The advantage you need to establish your company’s “internal academy” has been provided by Skilldots significant expertise with corporate training in a variety of sectors. We are here to help, encourage, and ensure that your transformational path is successful.


Customized training We provide an intake during which the chosen trainer works with you to create a personalised programme. To help you apply the information to your own workplace, particular issues, case studies and situations from the company are covered throughout the course. You can have absolute flexibility on time, agenda and mode of training (Virtual or In-Person) based on your convenience and comfort.

Partners and Certifications

As one of the few suppliers of the whole spectrum of SAFe training courses in Europe, we are in a unique position to disseminate SAFe-related information and experience across major organisations. In addition, our network of renowned professional Scrum educators makes us a great Scrum-related partner.
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In conjunction with the most qualified trainer, the procedures outlined below are followed to build a successful training programme that smoothly aligns with the organization’s goals.
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Preparation :

The customized approach starts with an orientation meeting to assess training requirements and estimate expenses. The project’s finest trainer matches training demands.

Consultation with Trainer :

Background and goals are thoroughly explored at the intake interview with the trainer. A result-oriented training programme is developed based on training requirements, participant level, training time, and budget.


The tailor-made training programme will begin when the participants have been pre-evaluated. Participants will always work with specific examples relevant to their company since we totally immerse ourselves in it.


Participants may instantly put what they’ve learnt into practice. An assessment will also take place, and any further learning desires or training requirements will be considered.

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