Meeting Culture: How to Improve Meeting Culture







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Hey!  If you think your meetings aren’t productive and they aren’t giving you any valuable outcomes, then there is probably something wrong with your way of organizing it.

Discussions are good for society, so are meetings. Meetings can help you bring numerous creative ideas and opinions to light. There are many mistakes we commit while organizing meetings that probably ruin the whole culture of it and they end up with no fruitful results. 

Challenges with meetings 

There might be some challenges that you don’t solve and get through it blindly.

  • The purpose and goal are not clear.
  • They begin late.
  • There are no productive results.
  • They include irrelevant discussion.
  • They may be boring.
  • They are poorly organized.
  • Useless conversation which diverts everyone from the main purpose.

The aforesaid accounts are some serious problems, which play a major role in tarnishing the actual meaning of meetings. If you are facing any of these problems, start working on it immediately. Only then you will be able to get positive outcomes.

The aforementioned accounts are some fundamental issues that significantly undermine the true purpose of gatherings. Start tackling any of these issues right now if you are experiencing any of them. Only then will you be able to achieve success.

Ways to improve meeting culture 

Here are some guidelines that you really need to inject in your meeting in order to make it productive and efficient.

1 – Start and finish on time.

[Inform the invitees about the timings and instruct them to be punctual. It would be better if you inform them a few days before.   In your invitation, be sure to include the start time, finish time, primary goal, topics to be covered, and necessary details (data, confluence page links, etc.).]


2 – Stick to the main purpose

You really need to make clear the objectives and agendas of your meeting, if you want a useful outcome. You should make it clear about why you organized the meeting. You need to have a clear idea of what is the main objective. The attendees should know for what purpose they are there and stress on the main objectives and purposes through orchestrating or Presentation. However, the slides with points / relevant pictures will help all the people psychologically focused and to the point.

3- Sending out invitations 

Be careful while you send out invitations for the meeting. You don’t have to invite every individual of your company to the meeting. There might be some people you don’t really need and keep them off the invitation list. As said before, send the main objective of the meeting to make your purpose cemented in everyone’s minds.


 4-   Choosing a directly responsible individual (DRI) for maintaining the agenda/action items

Directly responsible individual is the person who makes sure all the tasks are carried out within time and in a proper way. Be very specific while choosing a DRI. Choose DRI according to his/her own skillset, a DRI must be a smart worker. He should carry out tasks under given deadlines.  Make sure he/she is provided with all the authorities, doing so will make him/her independent enough to carry out the task without any hesitation.


5- Make your vision clear, let all the attendees know about their duties.

You really need to make your agenda and objective clear about this whole meeting. Make your vision clear about the topic and purpose. Let everybody know why they are invited and what their responsibilities are. You need to send out a clear purpose about the meeting. Let everyone know about why’s and how’s to make it way more productive and efficient


6-   Clear Action Items  

Action items are the instructions that will take place so be very careful and to the point, while you are documenting the action items. Make them clear and vivid. Leave no stone unturned.  You need to make sure all the action items are clearly reviewed at the end of the topic in order to meet the commitments completely.  Ensure, who is going to complete which task and when. Write down all actions in one document.  Held every individual accountable about the task, they are going to perform.

7- Use timebox technique.

  Use the timebox technique to use time wisely. Timeboxing is a smart way to finish projects.  It helps you manage your time efficiently. It helps finishing projects within the deadline. Timebox helps pushing you to a fast and well-organized conclusion. Make sure you take short breaks in between. As said, breaks are important.


   8-Take frequent breaks 

Breaks are important. If you start it again after a pause, you grab it better. Take frequent breaks in between the meeting. Provide a room for refreshment. Order a pizza or arrange some donuts – don’t waste your money I am kidding.


 9 – Sustain a good communication atmosphere and ensure active participation

Ensure a good and formal atmosphere of communication. Keep going with fluency. Doing so will bring the best possible opinions and decisions to light. Ensure everyone’s participation and interest in discussion. Don’t let anyone take too much time in talking. Keep it to the point. Make sure every participant gets equal chance to express his views and opinions.  It would be better if   participants come with a proper preparation. This will ensure fluency along with clear and vivid ideas.


 10-Too many meetings 

Quality is better than quantity. We all know, meetings cost way too much. As a famous saying goes “What is once well done is done forever”. So, make sure one meeting is enough. You don’t have to organize the same meeting again and again. To many meetings results in boredom and are ineffective.


“Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference”

The aforesaid points will help you come out of the box. Do apply them specially 1,4,6 and 7 to fill the blanks that need to be filled immediately. Only then you will be able to enjoy the real vibes of meetings. Make your weak areas the strong ones. Time will be utilized wisely and all of the tasks will be well organized. People will love coming to your meetings, so will you. You will feel a drastic change and will get tremendous positive results out of it. As it is said better strategy results in better outcomes.