Skilldots instills confidence in learners through a comprehensive approach to training and consulting. Our programs are meticulously designed by industry experts, ensuring that they align with the latest industry standards and best practices. We employ experienced facilitators who not only possess in-depth knowledge but also excel in creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. Our training methodology goes beyond theoretical concepts; we emphasize practical application, hands-on exercises, and real-world scenarios. This ensures that learners not only grasp the theoretical foundations but also develop the skills needed for practical implementation. Skilldots is committed to continuous improvement, regularly updating our courses to reflect the evolving needs of the industry. We provide a range of flexible options, including one-on-one training, customizable syllabi, and convenient scheduling, allowing learners to tailor their experience to suit their unique preferences and requirements. The success stories shared in our Testimonials section highlight the tangible outcomes achieved by professionals who have chosen Skilldots. From mastering new skills to successfully navigating complex projects, our learners emerge with the confidence and competence needed to excel in their careers. At Skilldots, building confidence is not just a goal; it's an integral part of our mission to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-changing business landscape

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Sumit Pandey

I got an opportunity to enhance my Scrum Master skills with Krishna, he guided and helped me to understand about SAFe Advanced Scrum master. His trainings are very interactive and ...


Scrum Master

Kuntal Nandy

Krishna is a talented and knowledgeable Agile/SAFe coach and trainer. His ability to adapt and accommodate learning goals to suit a broad audience and still deliver the objectives ...

Amazon Prime Video

Senior Technical Program Manager

Piotr Grabowski

I had a pleasure to participate in a Certified Leading SAFe Training lead by Sendhil. I learned a lot over the course always felt supported and could count on his advice or explana...


Management Consulting Manager

Enian Dhanabalan

Krishna Malaiyan is really a Safe/Agile Nerd. I was very satisfied with his training. Training covered all the aspects of Safe, was very well paced. Highly recommend Krishna Malaiy...

Wells Fargo

Lead Scrum Master

John Franklin

I highly recommend Krishna as a trainer for SAFe. He was thorough and patient as this was mostly new material for me. He is also very generous and willing to follow-up to help in a...

Goosehead Insurance

Agency Owner

Gursagar Singh

Sendhil is a highly motivated and passionate agilist. His teaching style is very detailed oriented and he makes sure that his students understands the concepts. I would strongly...


Sr Consultant

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